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Will AI Replace Creative Jobs First?

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“AI can be like a trusty sidekick to a superhero. I can provide support and assist with the heavy lifting, but the superhero is the one calling the shots and using their creativity and imagination to save the day.”

Have you ever done a full interview with an AI? We have!

In this unconventional episode of INNOVATION ROCKSTARS, we take on a very special interview guest: ChatGPT – one of the largest language models currently available, developed by OpenAI, a leading artificial intelligence research institute based in San Francisco.

Besides the somewhat controversial core question “ChatGPT conquering our (work) lives – Will creative jobs be replaced first?”, we discuss with ChatGPT concerns about the singularity, the ability to be creative, and the limits of AI. We also take a look at the supporting role of AI in driving innovation and ask our interview guest for the secret sauce of innovation success. Want to know the answer? Then tune in!

The episode at a glance:

  • Who is ChatGPT? (00:01:32)
  • ChatGPT, please complete the 3 sentence starters… (00:02:19)

AI & Creativity

  • How exactly were you trained? What and how much data was used, and what algorithms?  (00:04:17)
  • Why do people tend to focus on the more dystopian scenarios when it comes to the increasing impact of AI on our lives? (00:05:54)
  • Can AI systems have creativity and imagination, or are they limited to the data they are trained on? (00:07:40)
  • How does ChatGPT define creativity? (00:09:00)
  • Will AI replace creative jobs first? (00:10:08)
  • What does it take for an AI to be truly creative? (00:12:41)

AI & Innovation

  • What role will AI play in innovation? (00:14:09)
  • How can AI help solve real-world problems? (00:16:27)
  • What about scenarios where AI is already being used to solve real-world problems (00:18:28)
  • What are the real secrets to innovation success? (00:21:22)

AI & The Future of Industries and Work

  • How is AI impacting different industries in the near future? (00:23:10)
  • How is AI helping companies stay ahead of the competition? (00:24:31)
  • How will AI impact the job market in the next 5–10 years? (00:25:56)
  • What skills will new jobs require when working with AI? (00:27:07)
  • What should companies and individuals consider who are just starting to explore the potential of AI?  (00:28:23)


  • ChatGPT’s about the top 3 dos and don’ts in innovation? (00:29:59)
  • Looking ahead: What are the biggest challenges facing AI today, and how are they being addressed? (00:31:46)
  • Looking back: ChatGPT’s Innovation Rockstar moment (00:33:33)
  • If you could ask us, humans, just one question, what would it be? (00:34:55)

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