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Didier Boulet

The Thales Design Journey – From Trial Run To A Global Design Center Network

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What do science fiction author Isaac Asimov and manga comics have to do with design thinking? Let’s find out!

In this episode, Didier Boulet, THALES’ first Group Chief Design Officer takes us on an exciting design journey and tells us how a one-year trial run evolved within a few years into a global design center network that now includes 13 design centers worldwide across the THALES Group.

Since 2013 Didier has been leading the group-wide THALES Design Transformation with the goal of transforming the company into a world-class design organization.

If you want to learn more about Didier’s activities around the THALES Design Transformation, or why it can sometimes be important to take a few steps back in time to better understand what the future might look like, then you shouldn’t miss this episode!