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Hod Fleishman

The Realist’s Guide to Emerging Technologies

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“Doing innovation means to spent more time on figuring out the problem than the solution.”

In this episode, we welcome Hod Fleishman, Partner, VP, Deep Tech Business Innovation at BCG X, Boston Consulting Group’s new tech build and design unit, and also a successful founder of various startups with a deep passion for connecting the physical and digital worlds, and digital innovation.

In addition to an insight into the very successful work of BCG X and some very exciting real-world examples, we will also learn about the importance of involving customers in the development of new businesses from the very beginning. Why do Hod & team see themselves as “master builders” in what they do? Find out!

The episode at a glance:

  • Who is Hod? (00:00:51)
  • Hod, please complete the 3 sentence starters… (00:02:55)
  • Ghost Innovators
    • Hod’s #1 “Do” and #1 “Not to do” in innovation. (00:04:48)
    • How did the game of innovation change for corporates in the past years? (00:05:45)
    • Hod, what’s your job-to-be-done exactly – in and outside the company? (00:07:46)
    • Do you see yourselves as “ghost innovators”? (00:10:10)
    • How do people get in touch with you when it comes to building a new venture? (00:11:14)
    • Talking about emerging technologies: How are they assessed in terms of their applicability? (0012:29)
  • What is a possible way to overcome the chasm between business people and engineers sitting at one table building a new venture together? (00:14:48)
  • Do the ventures BCG X builds end up at the brand of your corporate clients? (00:17:18)
  • How about velocity – with which setup can you move faster? (00:17:54)
  • The “Either-Or” game (00:19:53)
  • The Outcomes: How many businesses did you launch at BCG X? (00:23:18)
  • Hod’s actionable key recommendations to take away from this episode (00:27:18)
  • Looking back: Hod’s Innovation Rockstar moment (00:35:50)

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