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Manuel Krauß

The Ambidextrous Organization

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“There is an enormous change going on forcing us to look for new business models without losing sight of the core business, because that’s where the money is made.”

In this episode, we welcome Manuel Krauß, Senior Consultant Business Model Innovation at Bosch Innovation Consulting. His mission: Supporting internal and external innovation teams to validate new ideas and take innovation management to the next level.

In this casual exchange, we talk about the different types of innovation at Bosch and take a look at the organizational structure required to manage organizational ambidexterity. Furthermore, we talk about the topic of business model innovation in companies and – in this context – get introduced to the Bosch Accelerator Program. Want to get the full story? Then tune in.

The episode at a glance:

  • Who is Manuel? (00:00:48)
  • Manuel, please complete the 3 sentence starters… (00:02:15)
  • Organizational Ambidexterity
    • What are the different ways to innovate at BOSCH? (00:05:44)
    • How are the different ways to innovate at BOSCH designed to address organizational ambidexterity? (00:08:09)
    • What should an organizational structure look like to allow for both exploitation and exploration? (00:11:34)
    • Where and how do you find the right talent? (00:17:28)
    • Where in your business are you feeling the pull toward ambidexterity the most? (00:20:15)
  • The “Either-Or” game (00:22:27)
  • Business Model Innovation
    • Business Model Innovation defined (00:24:41)
    • Current barriers and challenges of Business Model Innovation in corporates (00:26:08)
    • About the central department that coaches and promotes innovation projects for BOSCH, thus advancing intrapreneurship.(00:30:52)
    • Bosch Innovation Consulting is open to the outside world, and is consulting other companies as well. Where did it come from? (00:39:51)
  • Manuel’s 3 most important success factors and recommendations from building the Business Model Innovation capabilities (00:41:35)
  • Manuel’s Innovation Rockstar moment (00:43:00)

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