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Dr. Sebastian Kaiser

Opportunities For AI In The Insurance Industry

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“AI is an exciting thing, but it has to be used at the right time and moment. I’ve seen people produce true magic with AI, but it boils down to that AI should be considered an enabler to something bigger.”

In this episode, we welcome Dr. Sebastian Kaiser, Head of Machine Learning at ERGO – one of the largest insurance groups in Europe. His passion: Data and statistics. His mission: To relieve employees of repetitive tasks by using AI to enable a more customer-focused way of working and thus increase company growth.

By means of some concrete use cases, Sebastian explains to us how and where AI and Machine Learning are already being used at ERGO. We also learn about the bright minds that make up Sebastian’s team, the ‘Advanced Analytics Unit’, and the central role behind the “AI Engagement Manager”.

If you want to dive deeper into the use of AI in the insurance industry, but also if you want to know why Sebastian perceives AI and Machine Learning rather as a kind of “enabler for innovation” and where he thinks the market for AI is headed by 2030, this conversation might be worth listening!

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