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John Miranda

Moore’s Law and Corporate Foresight

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  • format_align_left Moore’s Law and Corporate Foresight

“What does Foresight have in common with astrophotography? In both, you try to extract the maximum of signals from the noise out there in order to get a clear picture in the end.”

In this episode, we exchange ideas with John Miranda, Director of Strategy, Office Data Center, and the AI group at Intel. His first programming attempts in high school with the Commodore 64 eventually brought him to Intel, where John now leads an enterprise-wide foresight program for emerging trends in the Data Center and AI business unit. Together with John, we take a critical look at the validity of Moore’s Law and look back at the beginnings of the Intel Foresight Program. What are the key dos and don’ts when it comes to enabling Foresight in a global company like Intel, and how does a down-to-earth and responsible corporate culture pay off on this issue? If you want to dive deeper into the topic of enabling Foresight in a global company like Intel, you shouldn’t miss this.

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