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Danielle Ferry, PhD

Innovation Growth Boards at Moody’s Analytics: The Why, What, and How

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“If you’re gonna go you got to go all in!” – so Danielle Ferry, about setting up Innovation Grow Boards at Moody’s Analytics.

In her role as Senior Director for New Product Innovation, evolving early-stage product ideas in order to transform them into future-growth initiatives is her daily business. Her mission: Empowering Moody’s customers to make better, faster decisions.

In this episode, Danielle introduces us to Moody’s Innovation Growth Boards. Beyond talking about the effort involved in setting up such an innovation board, we also learn why staffing is not just about authority, but also about having the right mindset, asking the right questions, and being open to moving away from traditional structures and KPIs like asking about ROI.

If you want to learn more about the Innovation Boards at Moody’s – how they work, their impact on the business and their outcome then this is your episode!