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Thomas Boermans

How E.ON drives the Global Energy Transition through Foresight

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Today with Thomas Boermans, Head of Foresight at E.ON and passionate Energy Transition Manager. In his role at E.ON, Thomas develops foresight based on trend and technology developments and provides strategic guidance to capture future opportunities and risks. In this episode, Thomas takes us on his mission to think, plan and implement the energy transition – at scale! We learn more about impactful trends in energy and whether we are on the cusp of the next energy revolution. He also points out why E.ON, as one of the world’s largest private energy service providers, needs foresight and how it is changing the way the company invests in growth opportunities. Also, if you want to know what Thomas’ secret tip is for making foresight a real game-changer in companies, stay tuned for the next 30 minutes.