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Welcome to Innovation Rockstars

In this casual bi-weekly podcast format, we exchange ideas with exciting guests on the topic of innovation management, strategy and foresight in an entertaining and informative way. What are the drivers that force a company or an entire industry to change? Which methods, tools and technologies are being used in a wide variety of industries to keep up with this ever-increasing speed? What are key success factors? Answers to all these questions and much more to be found HERE. Have fun tuning in!

The Format

Our format sheds light on the daily struggle for survival of companies and demonstrates how innovation, foresight, good management and creativity can not only keep a company alive, but also make the world a little better. The spotlight here is clearly on our guests and their stories. 

Do you also have a thrilling story or project that needs to be heard? Then just drop us a note, and we’ll chat about it  over a virtual coffee. We would love to hear from you!

The same applies to comments, remarks or guest suggestions – it doesn’t matter, we are open for INNOVATION – just get in touch with us.

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